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Founded by a DAX Chief Digital Officer, we have high demands on our work and extensive technical expertise. Further, we have in-depth experience working with start-ups as well as corporations.


Candidates rate the collaboration with adoleo on average with 4.8 / 5 stars (Q1 / 2020) on Google and kununu ™.


With processes tailored to our customers, we usually fill specialist positions after only 60 days. The first candidate interviews start within 14 days.


Our team goes through lengthy internal and external qualification processes from Amazon and Google, among others, in order to be optimally trained for your projects.

Artificial Intelligence

We work AI-supported with artificial intelligence using in-house developed systems and achieve tangible competitive advantages for our customers.


We are authentic: Among other things, we designed and programmed this website ourselves – we understand our area of expertise. Our exceptionally high customer satisfaction and recommendation rate are the best compliments.

We are the right contact for the Tech & Development needs of your company! Manage your digital products in-house!

Regardless of whether e-commerce is in the immediate business focus or not, many companies are already counting on having the Tech & Development department in-house. The trend is clearly, to have specialists like Application Developers, Embedded Systems Engineers or Software Architects directly among your own employees than to rely on agencies and service providers. Digital products are increasingly developed by companies themselves.
And that is understandable since according to the GDPR amendment in 2018 based on the EU GDPR, the topic of data security has increasingly become the focus of public attention. E-Commerce driven companies rely on Backend Developers,, Frontend Developers or Product Owners to be working directly on-premise, documented according to your own compliance in the in-house Confluence or JIRA.

But not every company is ready to internalize development and many are faced with the question of what could be a sensible first step?
adoleo is there to help you! Our expertise in organizational advice for Tech & Development Units answers the most pressing questions and outlines the possibilities for you to set up an internal development organization e.g. for your digital product management or e-commerce, from Head of Development toQuality Assurance (QA) Engineer.
If you want to bring growth or change to existing, established Tech & Development organizations, adoleo offers you our in-housemanagement diagnostics methodology developed by a DAX Chief Digital Officer and by coders . This enables us to track down potential in your organization and show how further development of the department would be possible. Whether expansion, consolidation, or M&A support as part of due diligence. Our expertise extends to the decision level whether SCRUM Master or DevOps Engineers deliver the better approaches to software delivery for your business.

Our management diagnostics delivers in cooperation with the organizational advice holistic plans including job descriptions, variable goals, and key performance indicators (KPI) for the relevant specialists and managers, along with development plans and suggestions for employee retention of knowledge carriers in your organization. This enables you to better adapt to the market and generally has increased employee satisfaction in the Tech & Development Units.
Of course, we also take into account any related departments such ase-Commerce, Information Technology, Network & Infrastructure etc. to create a complete picture of the developing specialists in your company.

Our service portfolio is completed by our services in recruiting: whether you are looking for specialists likePHP Developer, Full Stack Developer, generalisticWeb Developersor a highly specializedGames Developer , our adoleo Headhunting has targeted connections to specialists of this type and is able to fill such positions quickly and specifically for you. Bus also Executives and board memberslike the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Information Officer (CIO) we occupy agile, discreet, and above all reliably with our unique Executive Search Network.
At adoleo, you have the unbeatable advantage of contacts from a well-networked DAX chief digital officer and you can, therefore, be sure that you have a highly relevant professional reach for otherwise restricted or inaccessible candidates.

At adoleo, we are of course aware of how difficult it is to find suitable candidates for such positions in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Therefore we also offer employer branding consulting and services for our customers who prefer to actively search themselves, but want to improve their presentation to the Tech & Development target group in order to be more attractive as an employer. And while you are still wondering whether we can do this, we are already telling you that this entire website was conceived, designed, and programmed by our adoleo team in Cologne. Take a look around!
If you are already recruiting independently and are satisfied with your performance, we have a special service ready for you: our candidate management for specialists in Tech & Development. We screen your incoming candidates for your Development & Tech jobs, regardless of the source from which the applications come. Because especially for roles like Embedded Systems Engineers, DevOps Engineers or Full Stack Developersfor you Digital Projekt Organisation or ine-CommerceandInformation Technologyit is difficult to make statements about the qualification of applicants if this area is not in the immediate business focus or recruiting focus. Here you will receive a review of the applicant’s professional and factual qualifications as well as a score comparing the applicant field. In this way you can use a solid decision-making basis for your recruiting and you have enough time for your other HR tasks!

Current trends in Tech & Development


The decentralized digital data record (known from Bitcoin) is conquering the world …

adoleo Insight: Blockchain

Platforms like Ethereum have already made blockchain popular. With blockchain, data can be stored decentrally, forgery-proof and automatically monitored. The future of e.g. Contracting management for banks, insurance companies and much more. lies here.


With PWAs, users can use the full functionality of a site directly in the browser without an app …

adoleo Insight: Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

AliExpress is an example of a very successfully implemented PWA. + 84% conversions on iOS and + 104% conversions of new users vs. The old mobile online shop are outstanding examples of the importance of a seamless user experience in the browser.


CI / CD is conquering the market as a new best practice in development …

adoleo Insight: CI/CD

In contrast to SCRUM (which is usually released every 2 weeks), CI / CD is developed and released in real time according to DevOps Style. This type of development is becoming increasingly popular with the development teams thanks to direct error detection and immediate learning effects.

Tech & Development - The change from outsourcing candidate to the best protected crown jewel of a company

In the early 2000s after the New Economy Crash, the topic Information Technology was long held as a typical outsourcing candidate. At that time, many Chief Financial Officers (CFO) were still in C-Level representing IT and the Chief Information Officer (CIO)often was not considered part of the board.
e-Commerce was little developed at that time, Intershop had just released Enfinity and Magento was also only at the beginning.
At that time, many companies were increasingly taking advantage of the effects in regions such as Eastern Europe wherePHP Developers or Web Developers were often available at just a fifth of the cost compared to central and western Europe. With increasing digitization, the Indian market also caught up, took over many of the functions and offered Full Stack Developersor Software Architectsat an unrivaled cost.

But after globalization picked up speed in the 2010s and digital transformation began to be an issue for every company latest in 2015, more and more companies found themselves in the position of offshoring on the hand standardized jobs such as SAP Developer or Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers but now and then the strategic question predominated whether one should want this at all?

The background is that with the increasing influence of Data & Business Intelligence also leading positions likeDirector of Business Intelligence ,Director of Data Science orHead of Development found their way into companies. And these offered the C-Level often opposed pure cost savings and successfully demonstrated the strategic value of in-house development of Tech & Development Units together with digital product management.
“Data is the new gold” – this statement has never been more true than it is today. And therefore the way data is collected, processed (ETL) and evaluated today through e.g. Data Scientists or Data Engineers has become a crucial competitive advantage. Therefore, standardized software in e.g. Business Development & Digital Sales or in e-Commerce should no longer be used.

Stakeholders like Director of e-Commerce, Online Shop Manager or e-Commerce Analyst also have more and more special requirements, which are mostly used by specialists such as Magento Engineers, Hybris SAP Commerce Cloud Engineers, Salesforce Commerce Cloud Engineers, Intershop Engineers or Shopify Engineers .
Often these were then adapted to the in-house systems using special APIs from Salesforce Consultants, SAP Hana Specialists or Microsoft Dynamics Navision Engineers . And you shouldn’t let this knowledge out of your own house to protect company secrets.

Accordingly, the Tech & Development area has undergone an exciting journey in recent decades, from an outsourcing candidate to a well-kept trade secret. The cost savings in the formerly cheap Eastern European markets are no longer available due to the shortage of skilled workers in Germany and the exorbitant increase in demand. Sometimes the Head of Development today is even part of theC-Level together with the management since his knowledge is now at least as valuable as that of a manager.
If you are facing the challenge of having your organization embark on a similar journey, talk to us! adoleo is in the expert when it comes toorganizational consulting for Tech & Development organizations, no matter if with Information Technology focus, e-Commerce focus or geared towards digital products.

Our management diagnostic methodsalso allow you to flexibly and precisely convert your existing organizations and units and provide valuable insights into knowledge carriers and potentials in your own company.
Our recruiting also scores with the specialized headhunting for Tech & Development as well as our exclusiveExecutive Search for executives and board members in the tech environment. With adoleo you have a complete range of offers for the needs of your company and a strong partner at your side!

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