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Founded by a DAX Chief Digital Officer, we have high demands on our work and extensive technical expertise. Further, we have in-depth experience working with start-ups as well as corporations.


Candidates rate the collaboration with adoleo on average with 4.8 / 5 stars (Q1 / 2020) on Google and kununu ™.


With processes tailored to our customers, we usually fill specialist positions after only 60 days. The first candidate interviews start within 14 days.


Our team goes through lengthy internal and external qualification processes from Amazon and Google, among others, in order to be optimally trained for your projects.

Artificial Intelligence

We work AI-supported with artificial intelligence using in-house developed systems and achieve tangible competitive advantages for our customers.


We are authentic: Among other things, we designed and programmed this website ourselves – we understand our area of expertise. Our exceptionally high customer satisfaction and recommendation rate are the best compliments.

Business Development and Sales 4.0 in the digital age

Not only large companies but also increasingly medium-sized companies and especially start-ups and small businesses are now relying on digital sales. As part of this, business development is becoming increasingly important as a digital component of an organization.
Under the influence ofBig Data & Wide Data it has become commonplace for many companies to make decisions with the help of a Data Scientistsinstead of calculating them manually.

Accordingly strong the roles of Account Directors, Account Managers, Key Account Managers or Sales Direktors and Business Development Managers developed in recent years.
In the meantime, tools like SAP Hana or Microsoft Dynamics Business Central have already firmly been established in a modern sales department instead of just IT topics. Especially e-Commerce has revolutionized the field of digital sales. Thanks to specialists in the e-Commerce analysisSales can now be predicted to the minute and Performance Marketing Manager have even the smallest customer segments completely in view.

For the Business Development big challenges arise accordingly in companies. New organizations have to be built and structured in many places. Here our organizational consulting is perfectly tailored to your needs. No matter in which scenario you want to set up a Digital Sales or Business Development unit, adoleo is your strong partner. From sketching a new organization across several levels and scenarios, to complex consideration of content-relevant topics such as modeling your sales mix or omnichannel attribution. As a professional experienced specialist, adoleo is at your disposal.

If you already have a Business Development unit or Sales Organization in-house, ouradoleo Management Diagnostics for Digital Sales and ouradoleo Management Diagnostics for Business Development are helpful. You will see your top performers as well as high potentials, as well as white spots and potentials for the further development of your resources. Developed exclusively for adoleo by a DAX chief digital officer our Management Diagnosticsis unique and provides you with an excellent basis for decision-making to further advance your organizational planning.

By the way, with ouradoleo Headhuntingwe have a very popular solution to recruit Digital Key Account Managers or Digital Business Development Managers for your company. You can also use the adoleo Executive Search to search for specialists like Sales Directors or at C level a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for your organization. You benefit directly from the contacts from the network of a DAX Chief Digital Officer (CDO). This enables you to reach candidates who would have been difficult or impossible to reach in the normal context.

If you are recruiting your specialists and managers yourself, you should take a look at ouradoleo Employer Branding consulting and services . We offer you specifically to optimize the presentation of your company externally. In this way, you address potential applicants in a more targeted manner and can benefit greatly in times of a Europe-wide shortage of skilled workers. Incidentally, our adoleo team from Cologne designed and programmed this website entirely. We believe in training our teams on the job with the same qualifications as are required for your projects!

Our strong range is complemented by the adoleo Candidate Management. You can have our team evaluate specialists from the Business Development & Digital Sales area and have your pipeline management completed by adoleo. We check your applicants for technical and factual suitability and give you a detailed, structured scoring as feedback, which is a welcome basis for decision-making for HR managers and recruiters. Especially if you don’t work with specialists like Digital Key Account Managersor Digital Business Development Managers on a daily basis, this can be a very helpful addition to your business.

Current trends in Business Development & Digital Sales


The change from classic services to digitally supported models …

adoleo Insight: Digital Transformation

Business models have never been so uniformly and strongly disrupted as by digitization. For many companies, it is an opportunity to make competitive advantages tangible through the use of new technologies and to develop data-driven or AI-based services.


New ideas, processes and food for thought through the incubation of young companies …

adoleo Insight: Start-Up Incubation

The incubation of start-ups enables existing companies to question and challenge themselves more. Popular models in incubation include think tanks or wargame rooms along with classic hackathons,


Networking in Industry 4.0 thanks to IoT, but also CRM, PIM, ERP offers an exciting opportunity …

adoleo Insight: Intelligent Enterprise

Linking all existing systems in the company, such as CRM, PIM, ERP, etc., and allowing them to learn from each other (instead of a data lake / DWH as a collecting basin) is the trend of the "self-learning" company thanks to AI. A mega trend!

Business development in the age of digital transformation - how you can bring and keep specialists in the company

Developing existing business models and adapting them to current trends in globalization and digitalization is a major challenge. The digital transformation is often synonymous with such projects.
Many disciplines of classic corporate management have experienced a strong disruption: from classic marketing with print, TV and Out of Home / Ambient, the focus suddenly is on Digital Marketing with seemingly arbitrarily growing advertising opportunities. From sponsored content to native ads, the trends in the Digital Media area are increasingly driven by data. In this way, individual segments and customer groups can be addressed directly and immediately. Much more granular than this would have been possible with the classic media.

But the retail / sales area has also occasionally also developed rapidly because ofe-Commerce . The classic Brick & Mortar business is hardly scaling anymore, pedestrian zones in big cities are increasingly deserted. And many shopping malls around the world are beginning to collapse. The buying behavior of consumers is becoming increasingly digital.
In combination with the resulting data volumes, many companies now have integrated their own departments for Big Data & Business Intelligence . Even if their construction is complex and lengthy because specialists like BI Analystsor leading executives like theDirector for Data Science difficult to recruit, this model is successful in many companies. Particularly progressive companies sometimes have integrated at the C level even aChief Data Officer (CDO) to ensure the sustainable integration of data into your business model.

But also in classical IT a lot has changed in the meantime: new roles like Salesforce Consultants or Cloud Architects already indicate that processes and critical infrastructure can no longer be found in companies themselves. Rather, the cloud now takes on this role and is often many times more powerful than data centers at companies themselves. Decision-makers often already have live dashboards of their company data in front of them in a business development context, which makes decisions not easier, but significantly more number-driven and more precise in the decision-making basis.
Bringing such specialists into the company on a large scale, and especially when building or restructuring appropriate business development units, is usually a major challenge.

From our work in organizational consulting at adoleo we have gained insight into which structures and factors have a lasting impact on the retention of such specialists in companies. In the Business Development context, in particular, this is a component that is often underestimated by the company, which is why resources that are laboriously integrated into the company often leave the company context too quickly.
In any case, it is important to carefully coordinate the individual performance factors of the departments. The digital transformation as such is complex and affects many areas in the company. All departments are affected, from HR to controlling, purchasing, and also marketing and sales. With the adoleo Management Diagnostics for corporate development we offer you a valuable component to better prepare your organization for such changes. Our methodology, developed by a DAX Chief Digital Officer, allows us to examine the areas in your company very precisely and, above all, sustainably and thus to make ideal recommendations for action in relation to your organizational development.

If you are faced with the challenge of getting such specialists into the company in the first place, you should consider our Headhunting or Executive Search . We have exclusive access to the key players in a successful digital transformation: For example to Chief Data Officers (CDO), Chief Digital Officers (CDO), Chief Information Officers (CIO), Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) or Chief Technology Officers (CTO). Get in touch with us!

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