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Founded by a DAX Chief Digital Officer, we have high demands on our work and extensive technical expertise. Further, we have in-depth experience working with start-ups as well as corporations.


Candidates rate the collaboration with adoleo on average with 4.8 / 5 stars (Q1 / 2020) on Google and kununu ™.


With processes tailored to our customers, we usually fill specialist positions after only 60 days. The first candidate interviews start within 14 days.


Our team goes through lengthy internal and external qualification processes from Amazon and Google, among others, in order to be optimally trained for your projects.

Artificial Intelligence

We work AI-supported with artificial intelligence using in-house developed systems and achieve tangible competitive advantages for our customers.


We are authentic: Among other things, we designed and programmed this website ourselves – we understand our area of expertise. Our exceptionally high customer satisfaction and recommendation rate are the best compliments.

adoleo is your specialist for cloud, networks & infrastructure in your company!

At times when much of the Information Technologyis no longer situated onSite in their own buildings, but offSite hosted in the cloud, new challenges arise for many companies.
Besides classical topics of IT Security, in addition, there are often questions about the connection of various cloud services suchSAP Hana or Microsoft Azure. For such cases specialized Cloud Architectsare very helpful.

And even in times after the Covid-19 corona virus, the requirements for working remotely or working from the home office have increased so much that Unified Communications Engineersand Network Streaming Engineersexperience a boom as specialists for the operation of solutions such as gotoMeeting, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.
adoleo as a specialist in Network & Infrastructure as well as inInformation Technology helps you as a company to make your organization future-proof. Within IT, we also differentiate between the areas Tech & Development (e.g. Application Developer, Software Architects, QA Engineers and many more) and Data & Business Intelligence (SAP Developer, Data Warehouse Architects, SCRUM Master amongst others). This enables us to give you a comprehensive view of how you can position your IT organization in a future-proof way. Our adoleo organizational consulting for the Network & Infrastructure Unit allows you to simulate different scenarios in which your organization is outlined based on different budgets, resources, and strategies. Of course also with job descriptions, variable goals and KPIs of the individual positions, from webmasters to network architects.

Our methods developed exclusively by a DAX Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for adoleo includingmanagement diagnostics for Network & Infrastructure Units also allow us to give you an insight into your existing organization. This is always helpful if you want to identify high potentials just like white spots, for example, to expand or restructure your organization. Also used in the area of merger & acquisitions (M&A) in technical due diligence, management diagnostics is a very good addition to adoleo organizational consulting to generate a fully comprehensive picture of your organization.
The previously mentioned, adjacent areas such as Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, Data & Business Intelligence, Tech & Developmentand Information Technology can of course also be taken into account in this context.

Another exciting block in this context are the recruiting services of adoleo: From Headhunting for network specialists like Network Engineers or Network Administrators to Executive Search for executives and board members like Chief Information Officers (CIO) or Chief Technology Officers (CTO) we offer you access to an exclusive and unique network of a DAX Chief Digital Officer (CDO) when approaching candidates. This way we reach candidates for your company that would otherwise have been difficult or impossible to address publicly.

For companies that prefer recruiting themselves our adoleo Employer Branding consulting and services in the area of Network & Infrastructure serve as an ideal addition. We will help you, targeting specialists such as Network Reliability Engineers to be found easier and perceived better. In times of a shortage of skilled workers Employer Branding consulting and services are very helpful for our clients.
If you already have your own candidate pipeline in recruiting for network & infrastructure specialists, ourCandidate Management Services can be exactly the right thing for you: No matter from which source your applicants come, we will check the incoming applications for technical and factual correctness and score the candidates along the field of applicants. This gives you a good basis for decision-making, which allows you to make precise personnel decisions for network & infrastructure specialists, even if you don’t search for Network Architects and Cloud Architectsevery day.

Current trends in Networks & Infrastructure

5G mobile networks

The new 5G standard enables completely new applications & services in networks ….

adoleo Insight: 5G Networks

The Megatrend 5G is a real game changer. Often still associated with smartphones, this standard enables almost all modern applications and even data-intensive activities and critical infrastructures to be relocated to any location.


Thanks to microsements and secure zones, the IoT is growing faster and faster towards the new reality …

adoleo Insight: Internet of Things (IoT)

All types of machines, devices and things will be controllable online in the business context and thus also in real time. Modern networks are now prepared for this special data traffic thanks to "microsegments" and "secure zones". IoT is about to make a breakthrough!


As data decentralization grows, the risk of critical data loss increases …

adoleo Insight: Hybrid & Multi Clouds

The management of data volumes that are now often distributed across several clouds is becoming a new challenge. Technology like Amazon's AWS Outposts makes it possible, but data security and disaster recovery backup are complex and vital for survival.

Network & Infrastructure vs. IT-Infrastructure - Where's the difference?

We know that most adoleo customers do not yet differentiate between Network & Infrastructure areas likeIT-Infrastructure. Nevertheless, we recommend this and a quick look at the background also quickly shows why this is a good idea:
While at theC level theChief Information Officer (CIO) still is popular and often responsible for the whole Information Technology, Network & Infrastructure is mostly subordinate and managed by a Chief Technology Officer (CTO ) which does not always do justice to the area.

While the termIT Infrastructureclassically describes a collection of services, products, platforms, and tools and thus actually the “Best of Breed” of everyITthe term “Network & Infrastructure” is much more specific.
Most of the time, the definition of “networks & infrastructure” really only includes those areas that are necessary to connect the individual IT infrastructure components as well as users and IT Administrators.
In fact, the Network & Infrastructure division is within the Information Technology often the most important area. Because without that infrastructure, nothing would be accessible.

Due to the increasing shift of services to the cloud thanks to experts like SAP Hana Specialists, Cloud Architects or IT Architects, on the other hand new challenges for IT Security Officers or at C level the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) arise in terms of securing these services.
The majority of IT-securityefforts are already being made today to secure networks. Like this, Network Administratorsas well as Network Engineers are sensitized to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks via routers, switches, and access points, which have become part of the network, as it has become natural for many users to use virus scanners on their workstations.

Typical challenges for the Network & Infrastructure area include load balancing and traffic management of local area networks (LAN) in the company, as well as virtual private networks (VPN).
It also includes sorting out so-called “duplicate data” (not to be confused with data engineering). This often accounts for up to 60% of traffic in networks, which unnecessarily clogs and slows them down.
Another important aspect in the area of Network & Infrastructure is the regular, software-supported monitoring of data packets, the “deep packet inspection”. This makes it possible to filter malicious or unnecessary traffic out of the network before it reaches its destination. Likewise in the area Data & Business Intelligencethis aspect is particularly important, for example, to recognize and stop the outflow of large amounts of data outside of the company in good time, e.g. if a Business intelligence environment was compromised.

Our extensive expertise in organizational consulting for IT allows us to assist you in the Networks & Infrastructure department with the design of your organization, as well, of course, in the adjoining departments Tech & Development, e-Commerce, Data & Business Intelligence or Information Technology.
The methods developed exclusively for adoleo by a DAX Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for our management diagnostics in IT provide valuable insights into the current performance and potential of your IT organization. Thought leaders can also identify important potentials quickly and reliably.
This portfolio is completed by our recruiting solutions for the area Network & Infrastructure: Whether Headhunting for specialists or a discrete and agile Executive Search for executives and board members in IT, adoleo is a competent partner at your side. Our network is unique, which allows us to fill your vacancies quickly, discreetly, and sustainably.

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