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Founded by a DAX Chief Digital Officer, we have high demands on our work and extensive technical expertise. Further, we have in-depth experience working with start-ups as well as corporations.


Candidates rate the collaboration with adoleo on average with 4.8 / 5 stars (Q1 / 2020) on Google and kununu ™.


With processes tailored to our customers, we usually fill specialist positions after only 60 days. The first candidate interviews start within 14 days.


Our team goes through lengthy internal and external qualification processes from Amazon and Google, among others, in order to be optimally trained for your projects.

Artificial Intelligence

We work AI-supported with artificial intelligence using in-house developed systems and achieve tangible competitive advantages for our customers.


We are authentic: Among other things, we designed and programmed this website ourselves – we understand our area of expertise. Our exceptionally high customer satisfaction and recommendation rate are the best compliments.

adoleo is the secret behind successful e-commerce organizations!

E-commerce has changed its face several times since the beginning of the 2000s. From the beginnings and the new economy crash in 2001 to today’s AI-driven e-commerce, some of our adoleo team members already have more than 20 years of practical experience in building and managing successful e-commerce organizations. By the way, our adoleo team planned, graphically designed, and programmed this entire website. It is very important to us that our employees also understand and master the technologies with which you as a customer work.
Today a Director of e-Commerce for many companies belongs to the C level or to the management, but also specialists like e-Commerce Marketplace Manager or Fraud Manager and Pricing Managers are increasingly widespread job profiles.

Our specialists at adoleo will help to build your e-Commerce Organisation, to restructure and to plan it. Whether as part of an expansion, merger, as part of an acquisition in the merger & acquisition (M&A) process as due diligence or simply as an impulse for a new e-commerce strategy, adoleo is at your side as a strong partner in e-commerce.

Our adoleo organizational consulting outlines how your e-commerce organization can look in different scenarios. We reflect on strategic components as well as budgetary components or resource planning.
Our expertise ranges from the operative e-commerce organization with specialists such as Online Shop Managers, Category Managers or Merchandise Managers to generalists such as e-Commerce Controller and e-Commerce Project Manager , deep in e-commerce technology.
We plan and design organizations in e-commerce technology with specialists such as Shopify Engineers, Intershop Engineers, Shopware Engineers, Demandware / Salesforce Commerce Cloud Engineers, Magento Engineers or hybris / SAP Commerce Cloud Engineersto name just a few of the roles. Our deep technical understanding of the underlying challenges of successful e-commerce reaches deep into Information Technology and details such as IT Security Officers , even to the area of Network & Infrastructure for Cloud Architects in e-Commerce or also in the area of Data & Business Intelligence, where e-Commerce Analysts more and more work with Data Scientists or SAP Hana Specialists or Business Intelligence Analysts to create attribution modeling for online shops and to simulate AI-driven conversion optimization with artificial intelligence.

We successfully improve existing e-commerce organizations by using our adoleo Management Diagnostics for e-commerce Here, a DAX Chief Digital Officer (CDO) uses exclusively developed methods that allow us to identify top performers as well as knowledge carriers but also white spots and potential in your e-commerce organization. You then have the opportunity to assess existing resources for further development just as correctly as your options for a new structure or changed service descriptions or job descriptions.

Our adoleo team also determines which job descriptions are suitable for the employees in e-commerce and which corresponding variable goals and KPIs should be agreed in order to maintain a high-performance and consistent e-commerce organization.
Of course, at adoleo we also take into account related departments such as Digital Marketing, where SEO Managers, E-Mail Marketing Mangersor CRM Managers are situated. Also the department of Digital Media & Performance Marketing with profiles like Media Director or the Performance Marketing Manager or SEA Manager or Affiliate Marketing Manager for e-commerce, we can do this in the context of Organizational Consulting or Management Diagnostics .

Our recruiting services for e-commerce are a perfect complement to this: From Headhunting for specialists like Amazon Marketplace Managers to Key Account Managersor ERP Managers, we are at your side as a competent partner. Our adoleo Executive Search for e-Commerce gives you access to exclusive candidates like managers or board members for positions like the Director of Sales, Director of e-Commerce or Director of Performance Marketing, even up toC level . As an adoleo customer, you benefit from the contacts of a real DAX Chief Digital Officer (CDO) and you can be sure that your Executive Search for e-Commerce gives you access to candidates for your company that are otherwise difficult to reach publicly and are usually passive on the job market.

But even if you are actively recruiting and only face the challenge of screening applicants in e-commerce or to design a new organization, the adoleo team can help you best. Our Candidate Management for e-Commerce candidates allows us to send your candidates from any source to adoleo for classification, professional and factual review. We score the candidates along your field of applicants and return precise decision bases on which you can proceed internally.
This is particularly helpful if you as a company don’t recruite functions likee-Commerce Marketplace Manager, e-Commerce AnalystorOnline Shop Manager on a daily basis, and wish for appropriate reference points for your personnel decision.

In addition, adoleo also offers a very exciting option for more independent companies with their own recruiting: ouradoleo Employer Branding Consulting und Services help your company to target applicants in the desired target groups and, above all, to communicate more target group-oriented. In times of a Europe – wide shortage of skilled workers in Information Technology as well as in e-commerce, the correct representation of the company as well as addressing candidates is of great importance.

Current trends in e-commerce


The “headless” online shop is one of the most important, current trends in e-commerce architecture …

adoleo Insight: Headless Commerce

This concept is based on the fact that contents of the shop can be displayed in different places with only one programming. E.g. on online marketplaces, in own retail or in shops of trading partners.


The importance of large marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon is constantly increasing in e-commerce ….

adoleo Insight: Online Marketplaces

Market places are often the much cheaper sales method for dealers. This eliminates many of the costs for own infrastructures and complex shops. Many retailers already rely on a mature mixed model consisting of marketplaces such as Rakuten and eBay and their own shops.


AI / AI is increasingly influencing how dynamically content and prices are adjusted in real-time in online shops …

adoleo Insight: Artificial Intelligence

Completely dynamic e-commerce with ranges tailored to individual preferences has been known since AboutYou's success. However, this model can be scaled to true size with more complex ranges and applied right up to pricing.

Headless (omnichannel) e-commerce, marketplaces and artificial intelligence - you together with adoleo will shape the e-commerce of tomorrow!

Thanks to ready-to-sell e-commerce solutions such asMagento or Shopify and Marketplaces such as eBay or theAmazon Marketplace e-commerce in Europe has grown rapidly in recent years. While many retailers find themselves overwhelmed by the digital transformation and no investments in Information Technology to be able to or want to scale up their business models, successful e-commerce companies like Zalando basically exist ofTech & Development specialists likeFull Stack Developersor Digital Media & Performance Marketing professionalslike SEA Managers.

Accordingly, the gap between the now late starting beginners, who still seek an entry with smaller solutions likeShopware and the more advanced ones already working withSAP hybris or Demandware / Salesforce Commerce Cloudand because of this have reached the next stage of evolution.
In any case, the megatrends in e-commerce apply to all of these market participants, no matter what level of evolution they may be in.

Headless e-commerce, the “headless” online shop, is one of the most important trends. This small revolution makes it possible to technically separate the content of a shop from the shop platform itself. In addition to experienced UX Designer and UI Designer all you need is a good concept, for example from your Director of e-Commerce or e-Commerce Marketplace Manager:
By smartly developing a Progressive Web App (PWA), you can ensure that the content and functions of the shop can be displayed separately. You can, for example, use directly and seamlessly in marketplaces, mobile apps, price search engines, your Brick & Mortar stores, or other locations. An ERP Managercan be helpful to refine this concept.
Who doesn’t employ a PHP Developer, Backend Developeror e-Commerce Project Manager in-house, in order to develop your own PWA for headless e-commerce, you can use ready-made solutions: For example, a Magento Developeroften is already sufficient already to set up a suitable solution with the Magento PWA Studio.

Another megatrend are marketplaces. No matter whether eBay, Amazon, OTTO, or Rakuten: The marketplaces for e-commerce are growing steadily and sustainably. Many retailers have already switched from their own shops to pure marketplace models.
This often eliminates a large part of the technical components, and thus also the costs, of e-commerce. In addition, payment risks are usually covered by the marketplaces so that a Fraud Managerin the company often is not necessary anymore.

All the more important are functions like e-Commerce Marketplace Manager, Category Manager orAmazon Marketplace Manager. Amazon in particular has special requirements for the maintenance of product data in Amazon Seller Central, which are often already full-day and cannot be done on the side.
A skilled Merchandise Manager is also always helpful if you have already taken the step as a company to invest in your own Product Information Management (PIM) system in order to keep product and article data in sync. Here, also hybris / SAP Commerce Cloud Engineers are helpful, if, for example, the widely used hybris is used as PIM and connections to existing ERP systemsor SAP systems become necessary.

The sustainable change through the use of artificial intelligence, often based on insights from Data Science (area of Data & Business Intelligence), in e-commerce is an increasingly important field. Product suggestions in shops are becoming more and more relevant, specialists like the Pricing Manager work almost only data-driven and can thus target prices for individual target groups and segments.

Also the field of Digital Media & Performance Marketing is heavily involved here: In e-commerce, more and more variables of the buying process are recognized by customers, e.g. through through price research, couponing or Affiliate Marketing . This often leads to an “abandoned cart”, ie a shopping cart that has not been checked out and, accordingly, a lack of conversion. What bothers the e-Commerce Analysta good Performance Marketing Managercan see as useful these days by using AI: Offers, coupons, and prices tailored to individual customers in real-time allow the conversion to continue and the sale to be completed.
Unfortunately, however, these are also organizational and technical hurdles that mostly larger online shops nowadays know how to use for themselves.

With adoleo you have a very strong and well-connected partner in e-commerce at your side. Our organizational consulting allows you to build, expand or transform your e-commerce organization according to your wishes. In terms of Management Diagnostics we allow you to get better insights into your existing e-commerce organization using methods that a DAX Chief Digital Officer (CDO) developed exclusively for adoleo. And of course our Headhunting for e-Commerce specialists just like our Executive Search for e-Commerce board members are an ideal addition to our service portfolio for your company.

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