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Founded by a DAX Chief Digital Officer, we have high demands on our work and extensive technical expertise. Further, we have in-depth experience working with start-ups as well as corporations.


Candidates rate the collaboration with adoleo on average with 4.8 / 5 stars (Q1 / 2020) on Google and kununu ™.


With processes tailored to our customers, we usually fill specialist positions after only 60 days. The first candidate interviews start within 14 days.


Our team goes through lengthy internal and external qualification processes from Amazon and Google, among others, in order to be optimally trained for your projects.

Artificial Intelligence

We work AI-supported with artificial intelligence using in-house developed systems and achieve tangible competitive advantages for our customers.


We are authentic: Among other things, we designed and programmed this website ourselves – we understand our area of expertise. Our exceptionally high customer satisfaction and recommendation rate are the best compliments.

Together with you, we design your data & business intelligence organization of the future!

Many new jobs and professional fields have been created in recent years. Including the Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Quality Assurance (QA) Manager or the SAP Hana Specialist. These do not just sound complicated, but unfortunately, mostly are highly complex professions. While a million-dollar “IBM mainframe” was the first data center for companies in the 1960s, an iPhone from 2010 is already more powerful today. And a Data Warehouse Architect has meanwhile become its own professional field.

Time never stands still in the world of data. The collection of data now even is a subject of apprenticeship trainings, like e.g. the Management Assistant in Data Processing. The area of Business Intelligence today is part of most companies, also because of close links to areas such as Digital Marketing, Media, and Performance Marketing.

But where to start when you may not be ready yet but belong to those companies with own Business Intelligence Architectsor Business Intelligence Analysts and a huge Information Technology or Network and Infrastructure unit ? An exciting answer provides our adoleo organizational consulting. Our experts will help you in a targeted manner to ascertain the needs of your company on several axes, for example according to strategic, operational but also commercial aspects, and to transfer them to the goal of an ideal organization using data and business intelligence. For this purpose, we design several scenarios that include the most relevant factors according to your wishes, such as various resource assignments and budgets, for your desired organization.

Very popular is also our Management Diagnostics in the field of data and business intelligence. At adoleo and specifically for this field, a chief data officer of a Fortune500 company and DAX chief digital officer specially developed a methodology for survey and analysis of the status of a data and business intelligence organization. Among other things, this is very helpful if such a unit is to be completely rebuilt or to grow based on existing specialists. We use our self-developed White Spot Analysis in order to show you potential and make recommendations, which you can then implement according to your own wishes.

For example, you will be able to identify high potential among your own employees, bind them to your organization in the long term, and gradually train them. Knowledge carriers and technical gaps in the organization are also visible and can be strategically closed.
At adoleo, we also offer you two suitable solution variants as part of our recruiting: InHeadhunting we fill vacancies, likeERP Managers for you with specialists from the respective departments. In Executive Search we provide you with executives such as Director of Data Science and board members likeChief Data Officer (CDO) for the area of data and business intelligence.

By the way: our adoleoCandidate Management for Data and Business Intelligence enables you to have applicants from this department, regardless of the sources, checked professionally and objectively by adoleo. We score applicants for you and provide you with helpful analyzes as a basis for deciding on recruitment. This is particularly relevant if your company doesn’t recruit specialists such as Master Data Managers or Data Scientists on a daily basis and therefore would like to benefit from our in-depth experience as a specialist in this area using our own recruiting channels.

Current trends in Data & Business Intelligence


Big data was yesterday. Today, companies are increasingly focusing on a wide data infrastructure …

adoleo Insight: Wide Data

Wide data describes the concept of supporting as many users as possible with BI solutions at a decentralized location with far within the company (wide data) instead of concentrated (big data). E.g. in production, banking & finance etc.


The formerly independent job description “Data Scientist” is increasingly finding its way into related functions …

adoleo Insight: Data Science

The solution is: Self-Service Analytics. Capable employees are specifically encouraged to work with dedicated data scientists to pave the way for data-driven organization.


On the way to 5G and more powerful cloud infrastructures, the “Digital Board Room” is already a reality …

adoleo Insight: Realtime BI

Fully data-driven companies are still the exception. However, new structures and experts are increasingly contributing to the digitalization of all departments. Competitive advantages are becoming easier to realize.

The new status of data & business intelligence in companies

No larger company can survive today without the Data & Business Intelligence department. Specialists like Data Scientists have long since become the standard and even board members like the Chief Data Officer co-exist with the Chief Information Officer because the area has significant differences from classic IT.

Almost all areas of a company are now data-driven. In particular, areas such as Digital Media & Performance Marketing but also Digital Marketing and of course also at C-Level have a pronounced “data hunger”. Accordingly important the roles of Data Warehouse Architects have become because the quality of data in a company has become more important than some other KPIs. Unfortunately, even in the best companies, it happens that the “Data Lake” becomes the “Data Sump”. And out of this swamp, a meaningful picture can only be obtained with the help of departments such as Information Technology and system specialists likeSAP Hana Managernand Business Intelligence Architects.

Topics such as compatibility of data landscapes, revision security, failover scenarios and the like are not just part of the work of IT Project Managers or Quality Assurance (QA) Technicians but also represented on the board of directors, since the “digital boardroom” has already found its way into most companies and the current daily sales figures can be called up directly on the tablet or in the company’s own app for breakfast.
A Director of Business Intelligence is now as natural for companies as a Data Base Administrator or SAP Developer . While in the past the focus was solely on maintaining databases and adapting the SAP environment, today there is an increasing question as to how an insight can be obtained from this data?

The complexity of the underlying landscape of ERP systems also often leads to challenges if companies want to switch from SAP to Microsoft Business Central (Dynamics Navision) and then urgently need specialists such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV Engineerssome of which are fully booked for years and are hardly available in the free labor market.
Accordingly, a whole series of job profiles for the entry into this environment have found their way into most companies: FromData Technical Assistant, Data Steward to Data Typist there are many ways to take the first steps in Data & Business Intelligence as an employee.

Regardless of where you are as a company on your trip, adoleo is the strong partner that is best networked in the Data & Business Intelligence department. Our expertise in organizational consulting allows you to rely on the planning of your company’s needs for expansion, outsourcing, or insourcing of Data & BI functions or strategic merging of functions by us.

The methods developed by a Fortune 500 Chief Data Officer (CDO) for our Management Diagnostics grant us the necessary and meaningful insight into your existing organization and the way it works and its potential.
And if required, we can assist you with our recruiting offer likeHeadhuntingfor Data & Business Intelligence specialists or Executive Search for executives and board members up to the Chief Data Officer (CDO) or the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) . We offer you a perfectly coordinated bouquet of options for establishing data & business intelligence in your company as an important cornerstone of digital transformation.

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